• Lubi-Ein Polizist stürzt ab was chosen as one of Apples favourite Podcasts in 2023!
  • Writing aditional music for the Lieblingsfilm production Kannawoniwasein (What the Finn?! A summer of surprises), directed by Stefan Westerwelle. Main music by Stefan Maria Schneider.
  • The Studio Bummens Podcast Lubi-Ein Polizist stürzt ab with my music is finally online from april 24th on!
  • Happy to compose music together with my good friend Julian Ganzer for a massive immersive art experience by flora & faunavisions in Seattle named Utopian Garden.
  • Happy to contribute two songs to Lars Jessens Mittagsstunde featuring Charly Hübner.

  • Happy to compose the music for Studio Bummens („Cui Bono“) latest Podcast Letzte Abfahrt Berlin about a cop going downhill.

  • Listen to Geheimnisvolle Orte, a Podcast from rbbKultur with my music on all streaming platforms.
  • Noa-Remembering against forgetting airs on September 5th on KiKa.
  • The rbbKultur Podcast Wer hat Burak erschossen with my music is nominated for the Grimme-Online Award this year!

What a year!

  • Music for the worldwide content of German fitness brand Gymondo.
  • Things To Come in October and November at the Lyonel-Feininger Galerie in Quedlinburg.
  • Things To Come, a filmic installation with my music about the life of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy is shown at the Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) until the 25th of August.
  • My Music Library for radio journalists, documentary film makers and other storytellers is finaly online! Have a listen at
  • Naima by Tamara Milosevic premiers at Visions du Reel in Nyon.
  • 100 years of Bauhaus: I`m composing the music for Things to come, an filmic installation by paste up productions and Amanda Pork Productions for the Museum Moritzburg in Halle about the life and works of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.
  • Writing songs with Anna Fischer for the ARD production Stenzel´s Bescherung.
  • For the feature film Depois de ser cinza by Brazilian director Eduardo Wannmacher I´m writing the music together with Rossano Snel and Maria Laskowska, known as The loving room.
  • Playing lot´s of music this year with my companions from LD, a mysterious collaboration of likeminded people with a lot of output to come in 2019, DJ and producer Lovebirds and my friends from Muckemacher.
  • Big plans for 2017/2018! Something for the radio people…
  • Up to the sky/Faszination Wolkenkratzer on 3sat on august 31st.
  • The horses of Russia is finally on Arte! From 14.08-18.08 and all five episodes in a row on 19.08.
  • Time to play the guitar again and do some live shows. Concerts with Rossano Snel and my friends from Muckemacher.
  • Up to the sky/Faszination Wolkenkratzer on ARTE every Sunday this November.
  • Working on music for The Pastors Children: Punks, Politicians and Philosophers by Angela Zumpe.
  • I started working on a 5-piece documentary series for Arte called Horses of Russia/Russlands Pferde
    by Arcadia Filmproduktion. Broadcasted February 2017.
  • Another four episodes of Up to the sky/Faszination Wolkenkratzer by Munich based Parnass Film
    with my music. To be seen this autumn on Arte.
  • Composing music for the RBB Kulturradio and Radio 1 Podcast : Who shot Burak/Wer hat Burak erschossen? directed by Nikolai von Koslowski.
  • Marcel on the rooftop/Marcel über den Dächern by Sebastian Stolz premiers at the Achtung Berlin Festival.
  • My production Extravaganza for Ioakim Sayz is available on Souvenir…
  • Danni Lowinski wins best series on the German Television Award for the second time!
  • From 21.07: Danni Lowinski screens every monday at 21.15h on Sat1.
  • The new Penny campaign uses my music! In collaboration with Marco Meister.
  • I´ll do the music for the Radio-feature and multimedia project m-zehn by Kulturradio RBB.
  • Production of the fifth and unfortunately last season of Danni Lowinski starts.
  • Five ways to kill a man nominated for best music and sounddesign at the film festival in Aubagne/Provence.
  • Season four of Danni Lowinski. Again with music from me, Hans Hafner and Edition Meister.
  • Writing music for Bryn Chaines short: Moritz and the woodwoose featuring Anna Thalbach.
  • 4 episodes of Up to the sky/Faszination Wokenkratzer by Parnass Film from Munich with my music.
    To be seen on Arte.
  • Two Image films for Nestle.
  • Season two/three of Danni Lowinski.
  • Everywhere but here/Überall nur nicht hier nominated for the German Television Award,
    Danni Lowinski wins best series!




Since imitating the band KISS together with my best friend at the age of seven it was clear that music would play a major role in my life. I wasn´t wrong. Teenage days came and I picked up the guitar.

Absorbing everything from Indie to Metal as well as Jazz and playing in a band with my friends paved the way to make me become the musical person I am today.

I decided to become a professional musician and studied Jazz Guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory and Berklee College of Music.

After moving to Berlin in 2002 something unexpected emerged and gave me a whole new perspective on music: The computer turned out to be a magnificent tool and all of a sudden I was able to create any kind of music I want and play it out to someone already the next day. What a revelation and a reason good enough to change my focus on music.

What inspired me about film music the most back then is still the reason why I love what I do today: No film or director is the same, every situation requires a new thought, a new sound and a new musical style and represents a new challenge.

In 2007 I won the VW Score Competition at the Berlinale with Oscar-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek in the jury and since then I have worked with many film makers from all over the world on numerous shorts, image films, commercials, many documentaries for ARTE  and the highly successful and award-winning television-series "Danni Lowinski".

My passion for electronic music finds its expression in collaborations as a producer with Berlin-based DJs, including remixes for Rosenstolz and Booka Shade amongst others.

  • Music for Lubi-Ein Polizist stürzt ab, Podcast by Studio Bummens
  • Kannawoniwasein, cinema, additional music, Lieblingsfilm
  • Utopian garden, immersive art installation, Seattle, with Julian Ganzer
  • Additional music for Lars Jessens Mittagsstunde, cinema
  • Music for the rbbKultur-Podcast Geheimnisvolle Orte
  • Noa-Remembering against forgetting (KIKA)
  • Depois de ser cinza, Brazil, cinema, as The loving room
  • Music for the world wide content of the fitness brand Gymondo
  • Things to come by Angela Zumpe and Oliver Held, filmic installation for 100 Jahre Bauhaus
  • Naima by Tamara Milosevic for SRF 1, Lomotion AG Bern, Premiere at Visions du Reel
  • Songs for the ARD-Produktion Stenzels Bescherung
  • Imagefilm for Gleistein ropes
  • Music for the commercial by Steffen Henssler for Aldi and Hofer
  • The Pastors Children: Punks, Politicians and Philosophers,
    documentary, Miriquidi Film+paste up production
  • Russlands Pferde/Horses of Russia, documentary (ZDF/Arte),
    5 episodes, Arcadia Filmproduktion Berlin
  • Up to the sky/Faszination Wolkenkratzer, documentary (ZDF/Arte),
    episodes 9-12, Parnass Film München
  • Marcel auf den Dächern, Feature, Peace of Cake Films
  • Who shot Burak/Wer hat Burak erschossen?,
    Podcast, RBB Kulturradio and Radio 1
  • m-zehn, Radio feature, RBB Kulturradio
  • Penny, Commercial
  • Danni Lowinski, season 4, series, Sat1
  • Danni Lowinski, season 3, series, Sat 1
  • Up to the sky/Faszination Wolkenkratzer, documentary (ZDF/Arte),
    episodes 7&8, Parnass Film München
  • Moritz and the woodwoose by Bryn Chainey feat. Anna Thalbach
  • Maison Callier 2, Imagefilm Nestle
  • Up to the sky/Faszination Wolkenkratzer, documentary (ZDF/Arte),
    episodes 5&6, Parnass Film München
  • 5 ways to kill a man (Christopher Basset, South africa)
    for the BTA Award on Berlinale 2012
  • Maison Callier, Imagefilm Nestle
  • Humboldtforum, Imagefilm for the Humboldtforum Berlin
  • Das sowjetische Virus, documentary (Arte),
    Stefanie Schmidt (Oval Filmemacher)
  • QS by S.Oliver, Commercial
  • Danni Lowinski, season 2, series, Sat1
  • Berlinale Moments, short films for the 60. birthday of the Berlinale
  • Jonah and the vicarious nature of homesickness,
    (Bryn Chainey UK/AUS), for the BTA Award on Berlinale 2010
  • Patient als Beute, Doku (Arte), Martin Gronemeyer (Oval Filmemacher)
  • Danny Lowinski, season 1, series, Sat1, in collaboration with Edition Meister
  • Transit, documentary by Angela Zumpe, MDR
  • Everywhere but here/Überall, nur nicht hier, Documentary,
    (ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel), Tamara Milosevic
  • Das Glück aus der Dose, Doku (Arte),
    Stefanie Schmidt, Lilian Franck (Oval Filmemacher)
  • My super sea wall (Gina Abatemarco, US), for the BTA Award on Berlinale 2009
  • They call us candy girls, Myspace-Soap
  • Intoxicant, short, directed by John Hsu (Taiwan)
  • Bulle brennt, short, directed by Timo Semik
  • Poland Nights, short, directed by Martin Gavreau
  • Flüsterspiel, documentary by Angela Zumpe


Awards & Nominations

2011 & 2014
  • Danni Lowinski wins best series at the German Television Award
  • Five ways to kill a man is nominated for best music and sound design
    at the film festival in Aubagne/Provence
  • Danni Lowinski and Everywhere but here are nominated
    at the Soundtrack Cologne for best music
  • Jonah and the vicarious nature of homesickness
    wins the BTA Award at the Berlinale
  • Winner of the VW Score Competition at the Berlinale                                       


Wichertstrasse 4410439 Berlin, GermanyEmail: contact@iljacoric.comMobile: +49 179 1463981Landline: +49 30 43739230